WTO negotiations: Small fishers ask Centre not to support curbs on subsidies

Lincoln Wylie

Little fishers throughout the state have asked the Centre not to support the ongoing fisheries negotiations at the Environment Trade Organisation (WTO) as they panic that it could direct to curbing of the much necessary subsidies for the neighborhood and devastate livelihoods.

In a letter to Commerce and Field Minister Piyush Goyal, copied to the Chair of the WTO’s Negotiating Group on Principles on Fisheries Subsidies Santiago Wills, the National System for Little Scale Fisherworkers, said that any disciplining of subsidies need to be turned down by India as the particular and differential procedure (S&DT) for acquiring nations may well not be capable to offer suitable protection to little fishers.

“Fisheries subsidies, particularly to the little scale fisheries, relate to livelihood and environmental worries. As these these subsidies are unable to and need to not be identified or disciplined on things to consider of intercontinental trade,” asserted the letter from

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