Tirur betel leaves growers seek Centre’s support to promote it overseas

Truman Slate

Tirur betel leaf farmers have approached the Centre with a ask for to just take some initiatives to help even more price-addition for the GI-tagged Tirur Vettila in look at of its medicinal attributes.

This would open up up new options for the product in abroad markets, Tirur Betel Leaf Producers Modern society has explained.

To leverage the advantage of the GI tag, the Modern society has urged the government to include things like the commodity in the trade promotion campaigns organised by the ministries anxious in both equally domestic and international fora.

In a memorandum submitted to S Jaishankar, Union External Affairs Minister, Beerankutty Melethil, Secretary, Tirur Betel Leaf Producers Modern society, also urged the Centre to reinstate exports of Tirur vettila and boost its excellent and uniqueness less than the Ministry by its a variety of techniques, mechanisms and the government’s mission overseas.

Tirur vettila is produced in

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