Bamboo forum pitches forco-ordinated research project

Lincoln Wylie

The India Bamboo Forum (IBF), a voluntary group of more than 50 committed leaders in the bamboo sector, is pushing the Indian Council for Agriculture Research for setting up of the All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on bamboo. Among its various aims, it wants to enhance the ISO codes for bamboo so that it could be used with more versatility for building construction purposes.

The AICRP is already in existence for several crops including banana and spices.

Madhura Yadav, architect planner and one of the conveners of IBF, said that there are ISO codes for bamboo usage, but they need to be enhanced. Joining of bamboo with other materials such as cement concrete needs to be codified so that the natural material can be used extensively.

Yadav, who also the Director at the School of Architecture and Design at Manipal University, said that for the upcoming airport terminal project

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