Biden signs executive order to spur domestic supply chain

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(Picture by Stefani ReynoldsGetty Photos)

President Joe Biden has signed a offer chain government order that impacts a broad vary of components, including prescription drugs.

The order mandates a 100-day assessment of 4 essential products: semiconductors crucial minerals and components, like exceptional earths, that are utilized to make metal for airplanes prescription drugs and their substances and innovative batteries, like the kinds utilized in electric cars.

A chip shortage is squeezing automakers in the U.S. and around the globe, in accordance to The Wall Avenue Journal. Vehicles use chips for several systems, including motor administration, automated braking and assisted driving.

Biden is also contacting for a a person-year assessment of other materials in six sectors of the financial state, including foods creation, to discover policy recommendations.
WHY THIS Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic confirmed how a great deal the United States depends on  countries these as China for own protective machines.  

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