India, China don’t care for air: Trump explains leaving Paris accord

Lincoln Wylie

US President Donald Trump has alleged that India, China and Russia do not consider treatment of their air, when The us does, noting that he withdrew from the Paris local weather accord which would have built it a non-competitive nation.

Trump, in his tackle on power and the Permian Basin in Midland, Texas on Wednesday, said that by imposing these punishing limits — and outside of limits the Washington radical-still left, crazy Democrats would also ship many American employment, factories, industries to China and to other foreign polluting states.

“They want us to consider treatment of our air, but China will not consider treatment of its air. In all fairness, India will not consider treatment of its air. Russia will not consider treatment of its air. But we do. Not on my watch, it can be not likely to occur — I can notify you that. Since as long as

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