Choosing Wealthy Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Choosing Wealthy Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Most people who go into the house cleaning business target the average income earning individuals as their target market. However, there are some who target the upper class, higher income earning individuals as their target market because they find more cleaning business opportunities on these.

Whichever it may be, it is always up to you. However, just be sure that you determine which ones you wish to have as your target market so that you can employ the proper cleaning business marketing schemes and tools to your operations.

The Benefits of Having Wealthy Clients as Your Target Market

Every target market has their benefits and downsides, and so does having wealthy individuals as your clients. The benefits, however, are quite nice. Wealthy clients have big homes, estates, and even more than one home. They also have many properties like boats or yachts, for example. Some of them even may be in the hotel business or something of that sort. So basically, by having these people as your clients, you are opening more cleaning business opportunities for your company.

If you do a great job in cleaning the client’s house, they may like your working style and hire you to clean their estates, their string of condos, or even their yachts. Wealthy clients are also people who own businesses rather than work as an employee. So if they like how you do things, they might even hire you to clean their offices, their buildings, etc… Also, they can refer you to their other wealthy friends and family who may also have their own string of properties that they’d like you to clean. If you do things well, your business will be growing at a rapid pace, and you’ll be hiring cleaning crews, staff, and personnel even earlier than expected.

However, the downside of such is that their homes and other properties are expensive and costly and you have to be very careful when cleaning. Damages caused may cost you quite a hefty amount if you’re careless. And gaining access to their homes will be a lot stricter too. So if you can keep up with this, then you’ll be enjoying having a house cleaning business catering to wealthy clients.

How to Get Wealthy People to Be Your Clients

Basically, how to get wealthy people to be your clients is to go where the rich people are. To achieve this, the cleaning business marketing strategy is to join country clubs, exclusive clubs, and even business and other organizations. Expanding your network will get you to meet these people, but you’ll be keeping up with the expenses too. So which target market? It’s all up to you.

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