Atos launches ‘Atos Computer Vision Platform’, the first highly scalable end-to-end Artificial Intelligence video and image analytics platform

Truman Slate

Paris (France) July 7, 2021

At its once-a-year ‘Atos Technological know-how Days’ party, Atos these days launches Atos Pc Vision Platform, its new extremely scalable close-to-close AI movie and graphic analytics system.  It is the most in depth movie and graphic analytics alternative on the marketplace these days and the only one particular which combines a comprehensive providing bringing collectively a established of pre-educated and customizable AI products, enriched by consultancy expertise with six Atos AI Pc Vision labs globally, centered on higher general performance components and application. Atos Pc Vision Platform allows corporations to system and examine enormous amounts of intricate movie and graphic facts in real-time  so that they can automatically observe, take care of and increase working methods, and increase security and surveillance procedures to guarantee folks and asset basic safety – all throughout a broad range of sectors these kinds of as production, transportation

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