Why do we read books?

Must read books for those aspiring to be UX designers

People have always been encouraged to read books. Although you can find virtually anything you can find in books in audio and visual forms today, books are still encouraged. You would have heard at least once that readers are leaders, but you will never hear that people who watch movies are leaders. This implies that reading the Harry Potter series for example is believed to build you more than watching the same movie. If you have read the book and watch the movies, you are likely to agree as you would notice several parts of the novel were cut out and the book is generally more interesting. Even if every part of the book were acted word for word in the movie, it is still believed that books will build you more than movies. Here are some reasons why you should read books.

Books provide entertainment. Several books are built mainly for entertainment. These types of books majorly include novels and magazines. However, there are many other types of books that have some form of entertainment. For example, it is normal to find interesting stories in the English textbook for elementary schools, high school, and even tertiary institutions. There are also entertainment columns in newspapers. Some people also get entertained with problems in say verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning textbooks, similar to playing a game. Thus, different types of books entertain different types of people in different ways.

Improved writing skills
Another reason why we read books is that books can enhance your writing skills. Some people write professionally as a freelancer or write books. Some write for fun or official purposes, such as writing reports or lesson notes. When you are used to reading books, consciously or unconsciously, you will get used to the format of the types of books you are used to reading. Hence, should you need to write a type of text that you have read many types of, it would be easier for you to come up with something amazing based on the information you have absorbed from the books you have read.

Enhanced concentration
The world today bombards us with several activities that could make concentration difficult. You are in the middle of work and a phone call comes in. You could be on your computer or phone and you would be trying to chat, check your Facebook and Twitter feeds, trying to reply to a mail, and searching for information on the search engine. However, when you settle to read a book, you will be focused on the book. This could be a way to regularly practice focus and concentration so that when you need it during an exam, work, or for other reasons, you would be able to concentrate easily. It is also possible to read with electronic devices such as your phone, tablet or computer.

Better Analytical Thinking
Books provide us with information about several subjects and how to react in different scenarios. The implication is that whenever you are faced with a problem, you will be able to remember different things that you have read about the scenario and how they were addressed. You will remember successful solutions and those that failed. You will be able to remember the best strategies and it would be easier for you to analyze the problem from different perspectives and come with the best or close to the best solution.

Improvement of Memory
Reading books help us improve our memory. The continuous use of the brain helps the brain to stay active. The implication is that when you read books, you are using your brain and you would get a better memory than if you don’t. Memory has to do with the retention of information and being able to recall them when the need arises.

Expansion of Vocabulary
By reading books, you will be able to expand your vocabulary. This implies that you would know more words as well as how and where to use them. When you speak or write, people can get refreshed and more interested just because of the way you use words.

You gain knowledge by reading books. Gaining knowledge means knowing more things. It is worthy of note that knowledge is aided by wisdom and understanding. Thus, with wisdom and understanding, you will be able to properly utilize knowledge to get the right results. However, you can’t be wise nor understand what you have no idea about.

Stress Reduction
The several activities we are involved in daily could leave us stressed. However, just like going on vacation could physically free us from all the stress we pass across daily, reading a book could mentally free you from what is happening around you. When you start reading a book, you could slip out of everything happening around you and enter into the world of the book. This would help to reduce the stress you have been subjected to.