What is the Most Important Insurance to Buy in Denmark?

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Insurance helps to mitigate financial losses caused by unforeseen events such as vehicle accidents, loss of life, and fire outbreaks. These events are covered through different insurance policies. Therefore, there are many insurance policies that you should have.

Reviews platforms like reviewsbird.dk show that insurance is important in Denmark, and there are some the country mandates its citizens and foreigners to possess. This article will examine some of the most important insurance you should obtain in Denmark.

Car liability insurance

Car liability insurance is one of the important insurance you should have in Denmark. This covers any damages you may cause against other road users, their vehicles, and other properties. It is mandated by law that you must have liability insurance if you have a registered car.

Statutory liability insurance protects the rights of other road users, making people more conscious about road usage and safe driving. However, liability insurance does not cover your vehicle against damages or injuries you may sustain in accidents. You will need encompassing car insurance to provide the necessary cover for yourself and your vehicle. Many insurance companies in Denmark readily offer extensive car insurance. Thus, it won’t be difficult to get one.

Health insurance

The healthcare system in Denmark is quite impressive. The people pay taxes in Denmark, and the country’s medical care is tax-funded and free to its citizens. The medical centers are well-equipped with modern technological equipment and doctors that can converse fluently in English. However, foreigners can’t enjoy free healthcare like citizens. Therefore, it is still advisable to get travel medical insurance before entering Denmark, as you won’t be able to enjoy free healthcare.

Pet insurance

Citizens of Denmark must take pet insurance if they own a dog. You will also need insurance coverage if you own a horse.

Employer’s Insurance

Businesses in Denmark are mandated to provide occupational injury insurance for their employees. Therefore, if you work in a Denmark company, your employer already has insurance covering you against work-related hazards. Once outside your job, the insurance does not cover anything you do in your leisure time.

Domestic Fire insurance

Fire insurance is compulsory in Denmark. This protects your home and other properties from damage from a fire outbreak. Fire insurance is very helpful if you own a home, especially if you have a loan secured against your property.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important if you are a foreigner coming to Denmark. This provides you with ample cover against emergencies, such as health issues, loss of property, expenses incurred due to delays, and some aspects of transportation. The Danish authorities may require you to provide documents showing valid travel insurance coverage before getting your visa and entry into the country. However, this rule does not apply to US citizens.


The types of insurance coverage above are among the most important insurance you may need in Denmark. The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, an arm of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, is tasked with the duty to watch the activities of Insurance companies to ensure that they do not go out of line. This ensures that the insurers do not abuse the rights of clients.

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