The SECRET To Building a Successful Home Based Consulting Business (For 6 Figure Professionals)

Who else wants to build an uber profitable six figure consulting business from home? Does the idea of creating your own schedule, doing what you LOVE, while building your BRAND and your business sound super appealing? If you are like most coaches, consultants and home based professionals, the truth is… it probably sounds ideal!

But if it’s so easy… why do so many otherwise smart, savvy and intelligent professionals have SUCH a difficult time succeeding online?

The truth is, because being an expert is NOT enough. Being authoritative is NOT enough, either. For better or for worse, being able to market yourself in creative ways is actually FAR superior to being the best trained, or most educated, or even having the most impressive credentials… PERIOD.

Here is the 300 pound pink elephant in the middle of the room when it comes to building a successful coaching or consulting business from home:

The people who are usually doing the BEST, are those that have a very simple “guerrilla marketing” system in place, that moves people from being readers, to subscribers, to fans, friends and ultimately CUSTOMERS, callers and clients.

Using simple opt in pages, rudimentary newsletter subscriptions and very basic blogs is often FAR superior than $10,000.00 a year accreditation certificates or fancy pants degrees when it comes to getting qualified clients and customers to spend money on your premium priced services.

I’ll give you a quick example:

I have a friend who is VERY accomplished in her field. She has a PhD, an IVY League degree, and credentials and certificates that could cover every wall in my house.

She also can’t get clients to save her life. Yet, in her field, there are people who have NO degree, no certificates and no “cred” who are CRUSHING IT in her niche, simply because they focus on very simple direct response marketing principles.

Create good content.
Use that content to create a community.
Use that community to build credibility and conversation in their niche.
Create curriculums around what the community wants.
And create lots of “outrageous offers” to convert a percentage of that community into clients.

That’s all you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Really.

My friend over complicates everything… and then gets super frustrated when she sees people who are LESS qualified than her, making a fortune.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Every service based niche is driven by the same principles and they’ll work equally as well for you.

Content. Character. Community. Conversation. Curriculum. Conversion!

Follow the simple system above, and you’ll NEVER struggle to generate more business than you can handle, I promise.

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