Tea prices in Kochi hit on improved arrivals in North Indian auctions

Tea price ranges – equally dust and leaf versions — declined at Kochi auctions following a seasonal correction in line with good quality and improved amount available at North Indian auction centres.

The lowered offtake has also witnessed from specified sections of the trade. The affect of this has mirrored in Kochi auction price ranges in sale 39. Nevertheless, the auction price ranges right here are nonetheless substantially larger in comparison to levels from earlier years, the auctioneers Forbes, Ewart & Figgis said.

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The amount available in dust grades was 5,54,505 kg with 88 for every cent was marketed. The market was lessen by ₹5 to ₹15 and the drop in price ranges was extra for the plainer and browner teas. It also witnessed some withdrawals. The ordinary cost realisation was also down at ₹191 when compared to ₹199 in the earlier 7 days.

In orthodox dust, the market was lessen by ₹10 and extra. The amount available was fourteen,025 kg and only forty three for every cent was marketed. Exporters and upcountry customers have absorbed a modest amount.

Leaf price ranges drop

The leaf price ranges also declined with the market for Nilgiri brokens and total leaf in orthodox versions was lessen by ₹5 to ₹10. Exporters to CIS countries and other places lent only a reasonable assist. The amount available was three,44,949 kg with eighty for every cent was marketed. The ordinary cost realised was down at ₹191 against ₹193.75 in the earlier 7 days.

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The demand from customers for CTC leaf was reasonable with 71 for every cent of the available amount of one,eleven,000 kg was marketed. The market for excellent brokens and Fannings was simpler by ₹5 to ₹7, even though the rest have been lessen by ₹5 to ₹10. It also witnessed large amount of withdrawals. Kerala and upcountry customers lent reasonable assist.