Envisioning a post-pandemic future | Vanguard

Truman Slate

The American mathematician Claude Shannon famously proven a reduced certain for the selection of feasible moves in a regular chess match: all over 10one hundred twenty. That is 10 with 119 zeroes after it. Reflecting on when the COVID-19 disaster began to unfold throughout the globe, I think the Shannon selection adequately captures the breadth of feasible financial outcomes at the time.

As the disaster has evolved, having said that, two matters have turn out to be clear: the pandemic has accelerated some tendencies presently in place, and COVID-19 will have implications that are opaque now but that will turn out to be undeniably clear and meaningful in excess of time.

The potential accelerated

Right before the pandemic sent place of work team flocking to household workstations, companies were getting an incremental approach to remote get the job done. Latest enhancements in place of work systems permit them

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