Economic downturn may be deep, sharp, and short-lived

Truman Slate


Tim Buckley: John, as you know, our clients love listening to from Joe Davis, our global chief economist. But they only hear the area of his outlook. You get his full in-depth examination and you get to discussion it with his staff. So give us a window into that. What do you guys do? What’s your outlook ideal now and how are you placing it in movement with our money?

John Hollyer: Yes, Tim, at the optimum amount, performing with Joe, we have gotten his team’s insights that this is probably to be a quite deep and quite sharp downturn—really, traditionally huge. But also, that it is probably to be fairly short-lived. And that will be as the overall economy reopens and importantly as the gains of fiscal and financial stimulus bolster the overall economy, fundamentally constructing a bridge across that deep, short hole to an economic

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