Bayer’s $10.9-b settlement may see demand for glyphosate ban gaining traction here

Lincoln Wylie

At a time when the Indian farmers are increasingly relying on weedicides to secure their crop yields and retain expenditures underneath control, Bayer’s $ten.9-billion settlement with the Roundup plaintiffs in the United States could perhaps see the demand from customers for ban on glyphosate get momentum in the place. Glyphosate is an active component in weedicide Roundup.

On Wednesday, Bayer agreed to spend $ten.9 billion to settle seventy five per cent of the 1.twenty five lakh filed and unfiled claims by Roundup buyers, who have mentioned the herbicide prompted them to develop a kind of blood cancer, companies described.

In India, where glyphosate has been utilised considering that mid-80s, industry observers see no effect from Bayer’s settlement, whilst activists may possibly action up demand from customers for the ban. Glyphosate is one particular of the 39 commonly utilised chemical compounds by the farming group in the place to control weeds

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