Contract farming: Godrej Agrovet seeks a big play in oil palm

Truman Slate

Now that the governing administration has authorized deal farming, Godrej Agrovet needs a big play in oil palm cultivation.

Talking in a webinar on agriculture on Thursday, the company’s Controlling Director, Balram Singh Yadav, stated that the business could “build a incredibly superior procedure for deal farming for oil palm cultivation.” Resources, he added, are not a challenge.

In his presentation designed before, the Secretary had pointed out that the governing administration had resolved to set up a $fourteen-billion Agri Infra Fund, to finance Farmer Producer Organisations, agri-enterpreneurs and start out-ups.

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Yadav noticed that there are about two million hectares of land in India on which oil palm can be developed in distinction, only three hundred,000 hectares are remaining used now. He stated that oil palm gave the largest bang for the buck when compared with other edible oils, yielding 4 tonnes for every hectare,

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