Ten indicted in $1.4B multi-state hospital testing fraud scheme

Lincoln Wylie

10 men and women have been indicted in connection to a plan of using rural hospitals across a number of states to allegedly monthly bill personal insurance companies for fraudulent laboratory testing promises.

The conspirators billed insurers about $one.four billion for laboratory urinalysis drug tests and blood tests and were paid about $four hundred million. This allegedly went on from the end of 2015 to the starting of 2018.

What is actually THE Affect

The indictment alleges that the defendants employed their a variety of administration companies to just take in excess of modest, rural hospitals in fiscal difficulties. 

From there, they employed the hospitals to monthly bill personal insurance companies for thousands and thousands of dollars of lab tests that were normally carried out at exterior laboratories managed by the conspirators and billed by agencies also affiliated to the plan, the indictment claimed. 

Even though the tests were carried

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