Coronavirus risk factors prompt public health concerns, though it’s not as deadly as SARS

Truman Slate

Emergency physician-led teams are on the frontlines of coronavirus treatment, prevention and response. JACEP Open, a new official open access journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians, explores COVID-19 coronavirus concerns in two analyses. The first paper explores risk factors for transmission, while the second outlines broad public-health concerns amplified during an outbreak.

The impact of the coronavirus is significant, not just in terms of individuals’ health, but also in a business sense. Many hospitals and health systems have reported concerns about a dwindling supply of face masks and other personal protective equipment. Efforts to contain the disease may be hindered by these shortages.

If there’s one silver lining from a public health perspective, it’s that, while the coronavirus has had a significant global impact, it’s not as deadly as SARS or MERS, the analyses found. While the latter two illnesses are in the same virus family as COVID-19,

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