How runaway healthcare costs are a threat to older adults — and what to do about it

Lincoln Wylie

Empowering Medicare to directly negotiate drug rates, accelerating the adoption of value-based mostly care, using philanthropy as a catalyst for reform and increasing senior-particular types of care are among tips for lessening health care expenditures printed in a new exclusive report and complement to the Winter season 2019-20 edition of Generations, the journal of the American Culture of Getting old.

The report, “Older Adults and America’s Healthcare Expense Disaster,” consists of a dozen article content by gurus and leaders from health care, business enterprise, academia and philanthropy.

The authors take a look at the important drivers of the high expense of health care and its effects on people, then offer options that can minimize expenditures and perhaps make improvements to the excellent of care for more mature older people and culture at huge.

Subjects contain the employer’s part in reining in health care rates the high expense of prescription drugs

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