Interest rates outlook: Lower for longer

Lincoln Wylie


Tim Buckley: I want to pivot to what we call the amount side of items, where by we feel curiosity fees are heading, hunting ahead. If we feel about central financial institution policy, I never know how to describe it. I signify, the adjectives you hear men and women toss all about. You hear “unprecedented,” you hear that all the time. You could say “significant,” “monumental.” You could use them all jointly.

What we have witnessed from the Fed, well, pretty outstanding. What we have witnessed on the fiscal stimulus side of items, well, you could say the exact. What does that signify for fees heading ahead? What does that signify for inflation? How do you guys feel about it in your set money staff?

John Hollyer: Indeed, we’re considering a lot about fees and these important financial policy details you created, which are occurring in the U.S.

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