Uncertainty surrounds tea auction planned for next week at Coimbatore centre

Truman Slate

Price ranges moved north, and purchasers were supportive. Having said that, uncertainty surrounds the tea auction planned for following 7 days at the Coimbatore centre, as the trade is nonetheless to receive the vital permission from the district administration for opening of the warehouses and broker workplaces.

In the absence of the permission, arrivals can’t be unloaded at the warehouses, purchasers will not be able to carry the teas from the warehouses, and brokers will not be able to attract samples for distribution amid purchasers for potential sale, stated an sector source, emphasising the need to have for permission to open up the warehouses and broker workplaces.

“The tea trade centres in Kochi and Coonoor have the vital permissions, albeit with some ailments. We have also sought permission from the DIC to restart functions. Some exporters have obtained permission to run,” the source said.

Meanwhile, sale no thirteen started on

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