Fat Fingers Far Outweigh Hacks, DPC Report Reveals

Lincoln Wylie

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Cybersecurity incidents account for just 3.5 % of breaches

The Irish Details Protection Commission (DPC) dealt with countless numbers of data breach notifications in 2019, its initial total calendar year operating beneath GDPR.

But a puny 3.5 % of the data breaches have been the final result of cybersecurity incidents, its annual report, published now, has exposed.

The wide vast majority blamed on “unauthorised disclosures” together with “emails/letters to incorrect recipient” “administrative processing errors” “verbal disclosures” “papers shed or stolen” and “unauthorised access to personal data in the workplace”.

Below are the best five takeaways from the report.

1: Complaints on the Increase

The DPC gained 7,215 complaints in 2019, out of these complaints 6,904 have been linked to GDPR. The remaining 311 have been linked to troubles claimed prior to GDPR and have been managed by the commissioner beneath the former Irish Details Protection Functions 1988

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