Ransomware attacks spike, costing healthcare organizations millions

Truman Slate

Since 2016 there have been 172 ransomware attacks on healthcare businesses — sufficient to charge the overall health program far more than $157 million, in accordance to a Comparitech report.

The attacks influenced upwards of 6.6 million patient records unfold out throughout 1,446 hospitals and clinics, as effectively as other amenities. The financial figures at stake in every single situation diverse wldely, ranging from $1,600 at the minimal stop to $14 million at the high stop. Of that, hackers pocketed around $640,000, estimating conservatively.

California experienced the most breaches linked to ransomware, which locks healthcare businesses out of patient records and monetary units. In whole, the point out has been targeted by 25 ransomware attacks due to the fact 2016. The attacks charge the point out in between $22.nine and $35 million just in downtime on your own, the report reported.

Texas experienced the next-best whole of ransomware attacks at

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