Every manager is having a midlife crisis

Truman Slate

The writer is an associate professor of organisational conduct at Insead

Until the commence of this calendar year, the potential of operate was the primary concentrate of the lecturers, consultants and executives whose enterprise it is to make lucrative predictions. The century of management seemed earlier. Some lamented the lack of new management theories. Many others noticed that the bureaucracies of the 20th century, whose existence depended on administrators, had been supplying way to tech platforms that had small use for them. Algorithms had been greater at coordinating those people platforms’ loosely affiliated and extensively dispersed personnel. The robots had been bit by bit coming for managers’ workplaces. Only tech-savvy leaders would survive.

Then the virus came, and all that potential seemed to get there at the moment. The pandemic turned out to be a boon for that new breed of tech leaders and their platforms, turning them from disrupters

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