Spice exporters’ forum elects new office-bearers

Cherian Xavier and Emmanuel Nambusseril have been elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the All India Spices Exporters’ Forum (AISEF) for the year 2021.

Cherian Xavier is the Main Functioning Officer at Plant Lipids, a key spice, oleoresin and extracts corporation.

Emmanuel Nambusseril serves as the Main Marketing Officer of Akay All-natural Components Pvt Ltd, a key exporter of spice oleoresins, steam sterilised spices, and is a key exporter of spice oleoresin elements.

The All India Spices Exporters’ Forum (AISEF), recognized in 1987, will work in direction of guarding the interests of spice exporters in the state, generating a sustainable, pro-advancement company natural environment for the spice marketplace and its stakeholders.