Simple Tips for an Effective and Concise CV

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The quality of your curriculum vitae will greatly help you get your dream job. You should know that most recruiters do not spend more than 6 seconds on a resume. Therefore, it is crucial to make it as attractive and concise as possible. For this purpose, you can follow these simple but very effective advices.

Use an online CV Creator

Instead of wasting your time on a word processing software to finally have an ordinary result, prefer using a reliable CV Creator. You can find several websites that propose this service to job seekers. Your chosen CV creator will give you the choice between different layouts, each more attractive than the others. Even if the content of your resume is carefully defined and concise, the readers might not notice it if the form does not catch their attention. The aim is not to submit an extravagant document but an elegant and original one.

Remove too Old Experiences from you CV

Employers are primarily interested in your recent experiences, those that will allow you to be directly operational in the proposed mission. If you have a career of twenty years or more, for instance, only indicate your professional activities for the last ten or fifteen years. If these old experiences are related to the job you are looking for, specify them without giving too much details. You can also remove experiences which are not related to the job sought at all, whether they are old or more recent.

Focus on Essential Information to Build an Effective CV

Avoid the traditional listing of your hobbies, or even your date of birth and marital status. There is no need to mention in your CV that you know how to use the Internet and Microsoft Word. Recruiters already assume that everyone has those skills. Do not detail too much the content of your former missions and responsibilities. In a short paragraph, just highlight the accomplished tasks related to those requested for the position you are applying for. A few figures often say more about you than long sentences.

Avoid Repeating the Same Information in you CV

Have you provided similar or close missions for several employers? Rather than repeating the scope of your responsibilities, focus on your quantified successes in each of these jobs. Repeating the same information will make the headhunter think that your resume is redundant and that you do not have various skills.