Poker Training Network Review – Network Marketing Opportunity and Program

The Poker Training Network is a network marketing business opportunity built into a large and sophisticated poker training program. Created in 2009 by Dennis Nadeau, here is simple review of the opportunity and the training program.

The Poker Training Network or PTN, is a network marketing opportunity built into a highly sophisticated poker training program. The program includes a 3D simulation system, videos, articles on a multitude of different strategies to help individuals learn and master the game.

The cost of the system will vary depending on the individuals enthusiast of the sport. There are what is called the ALL IN that costs $99 dollars and includes the Poker-Tel lessons, All-In-Gameroom, Poker Edge and 5 Player gift cards. There are up sells for memberships to the program from which the individual can meet in a live game room and test their skills, meeet other members and track their skill level as their training progresses.

There is a network marketing opportunity built into the training system that comes with it’s own compensation plan. The commission structure and plan is based on a very typical network marketing binary structure. The binary plan will allow for members to recruit new members into two legs, to the right and to the left. The compensation plan also comes with bonus levels and the chance to win prizes. The payment plan is based on a 10% commission on the group volume that a member creates, this can take time to generate but through solid efforts could be done over time.

Network and multilevel marketing can be a difficult way to find success with. With the average attrition rate of nearly 97%, this should create the need to learn how to build, brand and manage your online business or opportunity no matter what it is. There is a learning curve to building a profitable online business, but it can be done and for those of us who have found success it came through solid training and the willingness to apply the training.

The Poker Training Network is a legitimate training program and network marketing opportunity that seems to have cornered a viable product. For those that are looking at this program as a unique business opportunity it will take some solid effort and the understanding of marketing effectively online. However, this is a unique niche industry that appeals to many, many individuals and driving traffic to yourself should be fairly simple. It is best however to complete your due diligence before joining any opportunity or program understanding that SUCCESS will be determined by you and you alone.

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