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Three Email Marketing Tips For the Bored Email Marketer

If you are a seasoned email marketing strategist you may have noticed a pattern of repetitive, typical and established email marketing strategies commonly used today. You are probably used to the emphasis on the email “holy trinity” – “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” – as if all email marketing only needed these three elements.

So after years of testing “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” to get better “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” email conversion Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawyer rates are still dropping. What is the email marketer to do next?

If you, just like me at times, find yourself in this predicament, you may be what I call the “bored email marketer.”

Here are three techniques that boost creativity and help to break away from email marketing boredom:

  1. Focus on concepts first not creatives and images.
    According to a
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How to Create a Special Atmosphere For Your Restaurant

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When settling on the most proficient method to make a down-home climate for your bar or café, you have to think about a few components. Take your typical steak house, for example. On the off chance that you recollect that, they more often than not have a gritty climate that makes you believe, “I’m going to eat some meat. YUM.” I don’t know what it is about steak houses, yet the feeling that they give prepares you to eat dead creature tissue.

But what about the furniture? In 9 out of 10 instances, the furniture is simple wooden chairs and tables with a dark finish. In fact, the overall mood of a steak house is geared towards people with “common” tastes who want to eat big. By eat big, I mean to say they want to have a night on the town and have a good meal. Your average Joe … Read More