Organic farming model of spices research body gets national recognition

The built-in farming design and natural and organic agriculture offers launched by Indian Institute of Spices Research is proving to be a prosperous design among the farming and study communities throughout the state.

The prosperous implementation of the natural and organic farming process, blended with natural and organic deal preparation and experimental farming has assisted IISR develop into the Most effective Centre of All India Network Programme on Organic Farming (AI-NPOF) under ICAR for 2020.

The network project on natural and organic farming created by Indian Institute of Farming Techniques Research focuses on marketing natural and organic cultivation of spice crops with the enable of study institutes. IISR has been section of the network project on Organic Farming due to the fact 2012. An built-in farm has been established up on the Chelavoor Campus of the institute as section of the Built-in Organic Farming Program (IFS).

Built-in farm

In accordance to the experts of IISR, the built-in farm inter crops coconut trees with turmeric, tapioca, banana, cow pea and fodder grasses and also manage cattle to be certain the source of cow dung as natural and organic manure. IISR has established up this farm as a design farm for modest and marginal farmers who want to deliver a respectable revenue alongside with making sure food stuff crops for residence use.

Two Holstein Friesians (HF) cows and their calves and a jersey cow are section of the IFS. Apart from, the institute rears indigenous cattle breeds Kasaragod dwarf and Vechoor cow also. The cow milk from the cattle unit is bought out to the public at a counter. The Institute could also equipped to deliver an revenue by selling other food stuff crops.

IISR produced a revenue of ₹1.3 lakh from one acre built-in farm, experts mentioned.

The natural and organic pleasant initiatives launched by a group together with CK Thankamani, Principal Investigator, V Srinivasan, S Shanmughavel, R Praveena and S Sarathambal assisted the institute to bag the award.

The job of the institute in popularising natural and organic offers among the farm communities also assisted the group to bag award. The prosperous demonstration of natural and organic turmeric cultivation with the enable of girls Self Enable Group under Kavunthara cooperative lender also assisted the institute.