Independent Living In Paid Old Age Homes In Kerala – What Does It Mean?

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A recent survey found that Kerala is the only Indian state with the maximum number of old age homes. There are 565 old age homes in Kerala alone, accommodating 10,500 persons roughly. 

And these old age homes are not the dilapidated ones where people just get to live and eat till they breathe their last. Most of these old age homes in Kerala are luxury old age homes that have ideal provisions to not just take care of the old but to keep them mentally and physically in their best shape. 

Why should you choose the paid old age homes in Kerala operating under the Travancore Foundation?

Some of these old age homes in Kerala, especially the ones operating under the auspices of the Travancore Foundation in Kochi, Kottayam, and the recent one in Mission Valley, empower the older people post-retirement or past the prime of their lives to offer custom living facilities. They even provide some of the best amenities that can completely transform their way of living even when they are past their prime. 

The success of the Travancore Foundation and the chain of paid old age homes in Kerala lie in the fact that when people primarily think of breathing their last days and are in the usual mood of counting down the rest of their lives, these places help them to start afresh.

The luxury old age homes operated by Travancore Foundation offer a plethora of amenities that enable post-retirement individuals, NRIs to return to their roots, people unable to take care of themselves and consider things about their life with a renewed vigour.

This renewed vigour is something that the several years lived by the elderly personnel take away from them.  Travancore Foundation, operating with its chain of paid old age homes in Kerala and accommodating senior residents, is unique because it instils in them this revitalised way of thinking about life and actively pursuing it.

What are the independent living facilities in paid old age homes in Kerala?

Before we learn about the independent living facilities in the old age homes in Keralalet’s talk about geriatric care and how it is implemented in these facilities. 

Luxury old age homes in Kerala operating under the Travancore Foundation offer a lot of things on their platter. 

● Most geriatric care residents require curated food and nutrition, which is offered to them via experienced nurses, dieticians and nutritionists and supervised by a team of doctors. 

● 24/7 monitoring results in keeping tabs on the finer details of health and safety. Since an infection or any inflammation in old age can turn severe, constant monitoring is one of the best ways to prevent any form of ailments. 

● Senior care also consists of an assortment of excellent health and exercise routines that keep the senior residents in these luxury old age homes operating under the Travancore Foundation fit and functioning. 

With this cutting-edge geriatric care consisting of more positive facets, you should not undermine every senior resident and impose aged care or respite care on them. 

Why doesn’t every senior resident require geriatric care or respite care?

Most of the residents in the senior care facilities under the Travancore Foundation are part of the assisted living facilities where there are dedicated personnel who keep a tab on them. 

However, particular senior residents in these paid old age homes in Kerala don’t need 24/7 geriatric care or respite care. So what is the answer for these people in such luxurious old age homes in Kerala?

Independent living facilities. 


What are independent living facilities?

A big chunk of the baby boomer population is just out of retirement. These post-retirement people are known as Gen X, as they have seen the birth of the television and even daily speak to Siri to check their pulse or heart rate on their Apple watch. 

The independent living facilities in the luxury old age homes operating under the Travancore Foundation accommodate people who are physically fit and agile, and psychologically strong. You might find their near relatives or children have settled in foreign countries; they do not require short-term or long-term care. 

They simply need a life of luxury and world-class amenities, away from the daily chores and errands. The independent living facilities in the Travancore Foundation are thoughtfully designed for this set of individuals who can live a life full of bliss and tranquillity, away from the humdrum of the cities. They can partake in various entertaining and adventurous activities.

They can even participate in things that they had quit or compromised in their prime due to their family condition or be a protective guardian to the entire family that depended on them. 

Independent living facilities in the paid old age homes in Kerala also help elderly adults perform routine physical tasks for the betterment of their psychological and physiological health. Overall, independent living facilities are simply going back to your childhood with someone to watch over. In this case – the Travancore Foundation!

Final thoughts

Independent living facilities in luxury old age homes in Kerala have fully furnished residential designs with ergonomic support to help them move freely, while the state-of-the-art facilities and the 24/7 nursing support also keep a tab on their health and routine activities. 

Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace that life has to offer with the independent living facilities at various projects in the Travancore Foundation!

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