How to not be ripped by expensive car rental insurance online?

Car insurance is a much-needed thing nowadays as you may be renting your car abroad or, you might end up damaging your car in any normal circumstance. Paying for repairing the damage can be a difficult task for you as you might not have the charges to cover the extra costs of damage done to your rental vehicle. Hence it is a better idea to buy insurance that covers all the aspects of your car rental services to avoid the hazards of paying for the damages which might occur. Some insurances can be so expensive for you. Online reviews can help as you can see the customer reviews for the best insurance companies with affordable packages for your car insurance.

However, bonzah is one such company that offers rental insurance for your cars to accommodate the expensive charges for your rental services. Here are a few tips on how to get the maximum benefit of your rental car service and avoid being ripped off by expensive insurance companies.

Buying Collision Damage Waiver

A collision damage waiver is a really helpful thing to avoid the extra costs of damage to a vehicle that can happen. In other cases when the car is damaged by the customers, the companies make them pay for all the heavy charges which are not possible in some cases. When you purchase the collision damage waiver, you are liable to pay for fewer charges against the damage that is easy for you to cover. 

Purchase collision insurance

Collision insurance is one other form of insurance that is much needed if you are likely to be traveling anywhere with a rental car. The car may have a chance to get into small damage or collisions that can happen on the roads. To avoid this situation, purchase insurance coverage that comes with the travel insurance package to easily repair your car anywhere if there is some issue with the rental car or if it gets into an accident.

Read customer reviews before opting for insurance

Some insurance companies might land you into expensive insurance packages that will cost you more than the rent of the actual car. To avoid this scenario in your case, read customer reviews online and select the best package for your rented car to get it insured at minimum coverage costs.

Register for the needed packages

Some companies might let you register for unneeded packages that can be expensive and of no use to you. Choose packages wisely and invest in packages that are sound for your car and the type of packages you need. It will help you avoid the extra costs of packages and damages.


Rental car insurance has been in increasing demand in the market as people are preferring rental cars more than their own. In such cases, purchasing insurance coverage is a better idea to secure your finances and avoid monetary loss in stressful circumstances to live a stress-free life with money security.