Hotel Marketing Strategies – How to Get the Most Out of Your Consultant

Those involved in the hotel industry will already know how difficult it can be to separate yourself from your competitors and create a unique brand offering. For those looking to enter the industry, this will become abundantly clear in due course.

One of the central keys to running a successful hotel is to have a well thought out, compelling set of marketing strategies underpinning all your promotional efforts. To this end, hotel consultants are the perfect font of knowledge for imbuing your marketing strategies with a freshness and relevance to your core offering.

Hotel consultants tend to be incredibly well placed for advising on sales and marketing matters, seeing as by that stage they know your business inside and out. This stems from them being there to guide you through the entirety of the set up process, right through to building a client base and executing marketing strategies. Once they do engage with you about developing a brand identity, the focus will be on how best to build long term value and sustainable results.

Where some marketing types may advise you on ways in which a short term impact can be made, a responsible hotel consultant is there to ensure you experience consistent results. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash in the immediate future, but any marketing strategy employed will be married to the idea of your hotel as a long term investment.

As a general rule, hotel consultants will look to align your brand with what the local marketplace responds to; doing so in such a way that allows you to stand out above other competitors. Marketing strategies are gleaned from in depth reporting and the gathering of market intelligence. This solid foundation of knowledge is what allows hotel consultants to be of so much assistance in the marketing process, allowing them to advance your hotel’s cause presently and into the future. The sum of these parts being that you receive the best possible return on your investment; that is after all the over arching objective of the hotel consultant.

Once an assortment of marketing strategies has been developed, the implementation process is facilitated by regular visits and an open dialogue between management, owners and consultants. On site check-ins ensure that the management team is in fact putting into action the strategic vision laid out for them. By continuing the creative process beyond the initial development process, objectives are more easily met, and any short fall is more easily corrected; meaning that you stand to gain a great deal from your consultant.

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