Dairy producers milking an opportunity

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Entrenched organization passions in dairy milk and its price-additional products and solutions are striving to usurp the usually employed phrase ’milk’ by asserting that milk should really be mandated to imply ‘animal-derived milk’ and absolutely nothing else and nearly anything other than dairy milk should really not be termed as milk.

This argument is fairly weird and fallacious for the reason that the phrase milk has this means very well past mere dairy milk — that thick white liquid secreted from the udders of domesticated animals like cows and buffalos. If the use of the phrase milk is restricted to what is obtained from the udders of cows and buffalos, what would milk from the udders of goat, donkey and camel be identified as?

Goat milk continues to be common in our nation, having been Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite consume. Desire for donkey milk may well be waning, but it has its special uses. What if a processed product from this kind of at the moment considerably less-common resources were being to strike the sector? Will the product be authorized to use the time period milk? How should really it be categorised?

Plant-based mostly milk has a extended custom in our nation. Whilst soy milk and almond milk may well be of modern classic, coconut milk has a incredibly extended custom functioning to quite a few centuries if not millennia. Several classic foodstuff are well prepared with coconut milk as an ingredient.

Coconut milk, for instance, is not an imitation product. It is as primary as cow milk, if nearly anything. So, it would be tragic if use of the time period milk is restricted to animal supply.

Indeed, use of the generic time period ‘milk’ should really not be authorized to be hijacked by influential organization passions.

A product that contains milk from any supply (animal or plant) should really mention the supply itself. Ice-cream or chocolate from dairy milk should really not be identified as ‘milk ice cream’ or ‘milk chocolate’. Instead it should really be described as or identified as ‘dairy milk ice cream’ or ‘dairy milk chocolate’. In the same way, products and solutions using plant-based mostly milk should really be described by the origin of the milk.

The fight among ice cream brands using dairy milk and individuals using vegetable oil is, of system, very well regarded and has been heading on for several years. Ice cream using vegetable oil is identified as ‘frozen dessert’. Fundamentally it is a fight for sector share.

With out question, miscommunication with regards to product and its substances should really be prevented. Unambiguous or crystal clear interaction is the need to have of the hour. In this, sections of organization are not able to look for to hijack generic terms like milk and insist that it should really be employed restrictively (to fit their organization passions).

The difference among dairy-milk and non-dairy milk is essential. The incredibly debate about the use of the time period milk demonstrates that the phrase lends itself to a lot more than 1 interpretation as to the supply. But it would be incorrect to assert that the phrase ‘milk’ should really refer exclusively to ‘dairy milk’. Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi’s anger is understandable.

FSSAI should really also get into account extra problems that translation of the phrase milk or dairy milk or plant-based mostly milk in regional languages is most likely to pose. There is risk it can lead to deception.

(The author is a plan commentator and agribusiness specialist. Sights are private)

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