China Passes Hong Kong Security Law Aimed at Crushing Protests

Truman Slate

HONG KONG—China’s legislature approved Tuesday a sweeping new law aimed at quashing threats to national security in Hong Kong, rejecting Western criticism that Beijing’s efforts will curb people’s freedoms in the protest-torn city.

The legislation was passed by senior Chinese lawmakers, according to Lau Siu-kai, a senior adviser to Beijing on Hong Kong policy. Drafted and approved in an unusually rapid and opaque process, the law has stirred fears across pro-democracy groups, businesses, schools and media over its potential…

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China’s Security Law Tightens Vise on Hong Kong

HONG KONG—China rolled back the autonomy of Hong Kong’s governance that is been in spot due to the fact the city’s handover from British colonial rule, with the imposition of a new regulation that presents Beijing a a lot more robust hand in policing the metropolis and safeguarding its own […]