Changing Corporate Culture – Steps For a Successful Management of Change

Changing Corporate Culture – Steps For a Successful Management of Change

There are several steps that need to be considered when going through any change:

1. Begin by describing the change as clearly as possible. Visualize what will be different and write and speak of this change as if it had been already implemented.

2. Acknowledge the things you can control and the things you can’t. Decide what you can influence if you cannot control a situation.

Ask yourself:

What strengths can you or your group bring to this process? and
What obstacles will you have to overcome to create your vision.

3. Describe in detail how you will handle each of the following:

A.) Communication –

1. What are you going to add to your existing structure of communication?
2. How will you control the grapevine?

B). Involvement of resources

1. How will you do it?
2. Who should be included?
3. What should your role be?
4. How will you overcome resistance?

C). Leadership –

1. Who will lead the change?
2. Who will you follow?
3. Who are the people or organizations that will champion the cause?

D). Timetable – When will each of the above actions occur.

4. Find out what people and materials are needed. Ask:

What new resources will be necessary to achieve this change?
Who are the people you can turn to for help?
What new skills are required?
Is there training available? Do you need to create some?
What knowledge must you get hold of?
What attitudes must you change? What one must you adopt?

5. Plan in the recognition

What incentives can you create to move people along this change?
What can you do to motivate yourself?

6. Is there a ritual that you can do to let go of the past?

How will you acknowledge and celebrate this change?
How will you reward yourself for changing?
What does each person involved want to be recognized for?

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