CFOs Need to Prioritize Employees’ Mental Health

Truman Slate

The future of work. It’s a top-of-mind topic for every executive in America, and for great reason: Businesses are at an inflection point, and many employees are anxious about what the future holds. But let’s be honest: Workers are worried about much more than the office. Just think about all they’ve endured since the start of the pandemic.

Parents have had to find new ways to juggle their many responsibilities. Our Black and Asian colleagues are emotionally exhausted and seeking supportive work environments. And American workers are, in general, struggling with a staggeringly high burnout rate.

Recently, Grant Thornton LLP conducted a market survey of 1,500 American workers to understand that high rate. The respondents shared how they are struggling with a multitude of worries, including their mental health. Furthermore, the research showed that 60% of people were open to considering a new job, and 33% were actively looking. People

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