HIMSSCast: The future of telehealth reimbursement

Truman Slate

Limitations and uncertainty around telehealth reimbursement have always been an impediment to adoption. During the COVID-19 emergency, that burden was eased somewhat, but now the new normal is starting to take shape. What barriers still remain to telehealth reimbursement, and how might they be overcome? To answer that question, host Jonah Comstock and Healthcare Finance News Managing Editor Susan Morse welcome McKinsey & Company partners Oleg Bestsennyy and Gunjan Khanna.

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Talking points:

  • COVID-19 reimbursement changes and which of them will stick around
  • Adoption lessons learned and how they’ll influence reimbursement policy
  • Holistic tele-care and care beyond the video visit
  • Influence of new entrants and innovation on the space
  • Is fee-for-service reimbursement an innovation blocker?
  • Reimbursement for different telehealth modalities
  • Time to lead rather than follow for private
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