Business To Business – A Focussed Approach Towards Win Strategy

“The thrust is on value addition along with increase in selling capabilities to meet growing demands””…”

Today world has become a global village demanding everything with perfection”…” The need of hour is to identify the gap and make fortune out of that”…”

In the era of revolutionary developments in business; which skewed socio-psychological distances and paved the way for integration of diverse cultures, there seems to be a greater need for internationalization along with clear and concise understanding of professionalism”…”

The 21st century is marked by a paradigm shift, resulting in both threats and opportunities; business arena is no exception to it”…” Due to liberalization, globalization, privatization and digitalization, tremendous changes have taken place in overall environment”…” So, in order to have a competitive edge in the community one needs to differentiate itself and its business in a strategic manner”…”

The way businesses purchase products, is one of the most important concern for business marketing managers of today”…” The business buying is difficult to analyze as each one has its own way of purchase decision making which can also be said as organizational buying process”…” Moreover, the people involved in the purchase process form the buying centre, which individually facilitate the process”…” That’s why some say it as a complex and dynamic process that requires plenty of information and in fact internet is a vast source of that information which can have an influence upon business buying to a great extent”…”

Moreover, the B2B marketplace in every sector is going through a transformation”…” As a result, this emerging market is witnessing a significant change in its growth and investment pattern”…” Both, existing and new players are experimenting with new Buying solutions through internet as they lack a seamless flow of information among customers, suppliers and their employees”…” Due to competitive environment all organizations have to ensure accurate and timely presentation of information to their stakeholders for their survival”…”

In today’s fast changing world, everyone is flooded with data but the need of an hour is to convert that to information which in fact will get transformed to knowledge and finally to wisdom for the organizations and all its stakeholders”…” This will also help create civilized workforce of efficient managers for tomorrow’s corporations/Multi Nationals, whether it be Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Nucleus, for e.g.; in an effective manner to achieve excellence in the field”…”

To put in a nutshell, one needs to analyze and implement better B2B patterns in order to ensure positive outcome from the process in long run through the use of internet and its influence in a clear and concise manner”…”

“In my opinion empowerment of management with digital technology will certainly result in transformation of higher potential for achievement with a sense of responsibility towards nation at large””…”

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