Business Consulting – How to Use a Consultant For Business Success Goal Setting

Business Consulting – How to Use a Consultant For Business Success Goal Setting

One of the most fascinating parts of business consulting is assisting with Goal-setting for business success and assisting employees with considering a goal to achieve they must also consider the means to attain it. Goal setting, therefore, becomes a form of self-management as people individually translate means into action.

The sales representatives within an organization many have chosen to be independent contractors for a reason. They were able to work from home offices, set their own weekly travel schedules, decide how to attain established goals, and had control of their own behavior. The sales representatives’ motives were possibly the motivating factor to make their change in working environment.

The Goal-setting theory is among the most legitimate and practiced theories of employee motivation that is seen in business consulting, and that, for the most part, empirical tests of the theory are also supportive. Another aspect of setting goals is how they relate to our own personal needs. As a side note, and throw back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, it is certainly a hallmark theory and has been cited and utilized for more than 50 years.

Obviously, various challenges are presented when the hierarchy of needs is applied to modern society. Today’s workforce is most likely motivated to success by more than five basic goals as mentioned by Maslow.

Modern organizations need to constantly develop creative motivational strategies to keep their executives effective and to attract new talent. Most companies design motivational approaches around one or more motivation theories depending on specific situations and requirements. Consequentially, it is relevant and beneficial to examine Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory and how other motivational theories can possibly expand upon it and assist with goal setting for business success.

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