Business 101: Developing Essential Leadership Skills 

The Importance of the Basics in Developing Leadership Skills | DDI

Leadership skills are considered the strength and abilities possessed by individuals that they demonstrate to help oversee processes, guide others toward initiatives, and steer their teams toward completing shared goals. 

These skills are essential to aid executives in making important decisions about their organization’s goals and missions while allocating resources to achieve those directives. If you are looking for ways to become a better business leader, then fortunately for you, we have gathered a few tips that you can find below to help you understand some of the skills you need to become the best leader for your company.  

  1. Empathy 

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in one’s shoes and walk alongside them during times of trouble. Hence, empathy can become a valuable tool in helping others feel genuinely understood and appreciated. 

Suppose leaders are hoping to connect with their employees. In that case, they will need to practice empathy by showing caring values with their actions and words while creating comfort zones and modeling desired behaviors in front of their teams to encourage others to do the same. 

  1. Effective Communication

Many beginners tend to underestimate the power of communication – a vital aspect of being a leader. This is because there are several ways you can communicate with employees and supervisors while getting many benefits in return. 

Whether it is a text, email, or video chat, it is best to choose the suitable delivery method within different circumstances. These practices will show a willingness to bring solutions to the table and create efficiency within a working environment. 

  1. Accurate Decision-Making 

One of the crucial qualities of a successful leader is the ability to handle making multiple decisions daily – many of which would significantly impact the future of their company and employees. 

An ideal leader’s ability as a strategic decision-maker is to bring solutions to the table to solve their employees’ problems with their teams without letting the issue escalate to extremes. As decision-makers, they need to have the ability to weigh potential outcomes for the workforce while balancing the needs of an organization as a whole. 

You can see a close-up of an effective leader if you look at the work of Daniel Marcos – a revered Mexican serial entrepreneur. He has also taken on the roles of a business consultant, speaker, and author. 

Initially, Marcos served as a Broker at Lloyd’s of London and then as a Financial Attache to the Consulate General of Mexico. He honed his skills over the years, and hard work eventually began to pay off when he became the CEO of Patagon Mexico. 

Currently, he serves as the CEO of Growth Institute – a virtual education company that offers organizational knowledge based on the Scaling Up methodology to C-level executives. Moreover, he also co-founded Inflection, which is a management coaching company that helps entrepreneurs and business executives grow their companies at a faster pace. 

As an international speaker, Marcos has shared a stage with many thought leaders. He has even been featured on podcasts and radio shows such as Voice America, Business Year, and Elevate. 

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