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There are several things that can affect a building’s energy performance that a simulation simply cannot just take into account. This is why one EU-funded project has collected encounter-primarily based input from other creating and energy stakeholders on what labored – and what failed to. The consequence is enbuibench, a platform exactly where users can review a building’s energy use against other structures with equivalent features.


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Europe is regarded for its valuable crafted environment, which consists of several historic households and wonderful structures. But peel back this façade and you’ll locate that several are grossly inefficient. In actuality, Europe’s structures take in 40{d5f2c26e8a2617525656064194f8a7abd2a56a02c0e102ae4b29477986671105} of all the energy used throughout the continent and, in undertaking so, are liable for 36{d5f2c26e8a2617525656064194f8a7abd2a56a02c0e102ae4b29477986671105} of all CO2 emissions.

“These structures are low hanging fruit for enhancing our carbon footprint and conference the EU’s goal of turning out to be carbon neutral by 2050,” states Roberto Lollini, group leader in energy successful structures at Eurac Study and ExcEED project coordinator. “But this demands us to not only have a improved knowledge of the existing creating stock, but to use this understanding to make improvements to its high quality and performance by means of dedicated, tailored steps.”

By seamlessly integrating knowledge on a building’s capabilities and linked energy performance into the enbuibench platform, the EU-funded ExcEED project is boosting consciousness on how distinctive sorts of structures execute in apply. “With the enbuibench platform, we’re transforming knowledge into information and understanding that can be used to enrich energy performance whilst guaranteeing a nutritious and comfortable environment,” provides Lollini.

Encounter-primarily based input

When an architect, engineer, or contractor needs to make improvements to a building’s performance, they commonly foundation their style and design on simulations. Whilst these simulations can offer a very good notion of how a creating will execute, it’s however only an sign.
“There are so several things that can affect true performance that a simulation only simply cannot just take into account,” points out Lollini. “This is when the encounter-primarily based input from other creating and energy stakeholders on what labored – and what didn’t – would establish invaluable.”

With the enbuibench platform, Europe now has a framework to retailer and process calculated quantitative and qualitative knowledge. This unique platform enables users, like energy support organizations (ESCOs), energy supervisors, and designers, to analyse and benchmark their buildings’ energy use against other structures with equivalent features.

“Collecting exploitable style and design and operational knowledge for a representative stock of new and renovated structures throughout Europe presents the creating sector valuable insights into assumed and actualised energy performance,” states Lollini. “It also enables one to effortlessly recognize what demands to be modified, major not only to improved style and design practices, but also to improved environmental practices.”

Advancing the condition-of-the-artwork

Enbuibench enables users to visualise a building’s energy and consolation knowledge, understand energy performance developments, and review creating performance making use of 27 properly-defined vital performance indicators – to name just a handful of of its core capabilities. In apply, this suggests an energy supervisor can use the platform to report on a building’s energy performance.

“Thanks to ExcEED, we have automatic the submitting of energy reports, which will help energy supervisors lessen inefficient creating functions,” states Lollini. “The platform also delivers them with valuable information from a portfolio of structures with equivalent capabilities that they can use to make improvements to energy performance.”

The enbuibench platform, which is freely readily available and is regularly remaining updated with new knowledge, presents equivalent positive aspects to ESCOs and energy consultants. The only prerequisite for making use of it is that one 1st uploads their individual creating knowledge.

“It’s clear that this platform has the possible to progress the condition-of-the-artwork in energy successful creating practices,” provides Lollini. “That’s why we continue to be dedicated to selling its use and enlargement.”