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Harvesting white asparagus depends heavily on guide labour, an price that locations a money pressure on farmers. To handle this, an EU-funded job has formulated an automated harvesting instrument that selectively picks only ripe asparagus and doesn’t damage the crop. This saves farmers income, increases crop excellent and removes the require for back again-breaking work.


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Selective harvesting entails choosing sections of the crop that are ripe, with out damaging sections of the crop that require to be harvested at a later time or still left in the soil. At the instant, this method is only carried out by hand. Standard illustrations of selectively harvested crops include tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, melons, blueberries and raspberries.

“This is also the situation for white asparagus,” states SPARTerS job coordinator Thérèse van Vinken of Cerescon in the Netherlands. “The European industry is at present worth about EUR 800 million a yr, but regrettably the full field is below risk. This is partly for the reason that the amount of hand pickers is declining yr by yr, whilst the price tag of guide labour carries on to increase.”

There are other problems related with hand choosing. Asparagus spears can often go undetected and be still left sticking out of the sand bed for the upcoming harvesting session. This can lead to discolouration and the asparagus building open heads.

Automatic harvesting solution

To handle these problems, the EU-funded SPARTerS job has concentrated on bringing to industry a mechanised selective harvesting device. The key aim of this innovation is to lessen asparagus harvesting fees, as very well as improving upon the excellent and quantity of the crop.

“The solution is based mostly on a patented underground detection method,” clarifies van Vinken. “Sensors detect the asparagus as it grows underground, with out coming into get in touch with with it. This usually means that the crop remains undamaged.”

At this place, facts on the asparagus is transmitted to a patented self-propelled harvesting robot. The robot picks only the asparagus that is prepared to be picked in just one single movement, putting it on a conveyor. The gap still left at the rear of in the sand bed is then fixed, to protect against the upcoming crop from increasing curved.

Trials have shown that utilizing the Sparter device can slash the price tag of harvesting by 50 %, in section from financial savings on labour fees but also for the reason that the crop is not broken and there is minimal wastage.

“All sorts of facts can be gathered from the underground sensors,” adds van Vinken. “This can assist make certain that crop yields are additional predictable.” For example, farmers can be manufactured knowledgeable of the require for fertilisation or irrigation at a selected time, or in a selected spot of the field.

Asparagus growers have been instrumental in the progress of Sparter from the beginning. “We fashioned a UserGroup, manufactured up of growers in the Netherlands and Germany,” clarifies van Vinken. “These farmers furnished in depth feedback on the progress of this engineering and have also been important in furnishing us with info on their precise prerequisites, amenities and choosing fees.”

Future of farming

Van Vinken believes that the Sparter innovation signifies the upcoming of asparagus farming, especially in mild of the coronavirus epidemic. Growers, heavily dependent on guide labour to are inclined their asparagus beds, had been still left in crisis after borders had been closed.

“Selective harvesting in western Europe is typically carried out by short-term workers who come from overseas,” clarifies van Vinken. “As numerous of these workers had been unable to vacation, farmers had been unable to are inclined their crops. In some cases, among 70 and eighty % of asparagus beds had been still left unharvested.”

Another place is that guide white asparagus harvesting is major, actual physical and demanding work. Transitioning to automated selective harvesting claims to create additional expert and far better experienced positions that target on device procedure and sorting.
Irrespective of the problems the sector faces, Europe even now signifies just about just one third of the world’s asparagus industry. Van Vinken is assured that this remains a valuable industry that can be created upon and improved with the application of engineering.
Certainly, SPARTerS is definitely leading the way – because of to the accomplishment of the EU-funded job, the job workforce have also a short while ago acquired an more EUR three million from private resources to proceed their work.

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