An Insight Into Royal Golden Eagle’s Commitment To Climate Stewardship

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The Royal Golden Eagle advances reasonable improvement and capable ranger service the executives, which incorporates the distinguishing proof and assurance of High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), and usage of low effect reaping procedures. We support commonly useful associations with neighborhood networks planned for cultivating mindfulness and best practices in economic advancement. For instance, RGE’s organization APRIL has moderated and secured more than 250,000 hectares of HCVF in their concession regions, as a feature of its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP), which is administered by a free Stakeholder Advisory Committee to guarantee straightforwardness and execution of the approach.

We have manufactured our capacities and built up high expert models to support our endeavors at maintainable improvement and protection. Aside from being outfitted with best in class innovation at our assembling offices, RGE’s organizations have been granted the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 affirmations and PEFC FM/CoC backwoods confirmation.

The rapid development of the Raja Garuda Mas corporation, which has now been changed to the Royal Golden Eagle, does not necessarily make this corporation forget the environment and the surrounding community. The Royal Golden Eagle continues to develop various efforts to empower human resources and natural resources around them.

Efforts to empower human resources are carried out to improve welfare or, in other words, reduce the current poverty rate. APRIL Group is a subsidiary of RGE that has made efforts to reduce poverty. Efforts made by APRIL Group focus on three aspects, namely education, health, and social infrastructure.

Improved Health Services

Access to excellent health services is one of the obstacles faced by the poor, especially those living in remote and challenging to reach areas. APRIL Group and Royal Golden Eagle try to help overcome this problem with a variety of approaches. The first approach is in the form of health campaigns in schools to increase the level of public awareness in maintaining health. The second approach is carried out by giving full support to health workers at the village level. Support can be provided in the form of medicines or health supplements.

Social Infrastructure Development

One of the efforts taken by the APRIL Group to reduce poverty is to build social facilities or infrastructure. The completeness of this infrastructure will open the way for the community to be able to improve the quality of life in various ways. For example, the APRIL Group is helping to build public schools in areas close to the company’s operations area. With schools like this, children who live in the area will get a better education to develop their potential. Also, the APRIL Group and Royal Golden Eagle built various infrastructures such as water sanitation facilities to support efforts to improve the quality of public health.

These three aspects, namely, education, health, and social infrastructure, have a close relationship with one another. Without adequate health facilities, it will be difficult for residents to treat diseases that hinder their work productivity. Without village roads to facilitate transportation from one place to another, villagers will have difficulty selling their crops or products, which, of course, will reduce the amount of input that can be received. APRIL Group and community development activities that focus on these three aspects have proven to be quite useful in overcoming existing problems, which in turn will help in improving the quality of life and welfare of the community more broadly and equally.