Aircraft Examination Services

In a jammed city or a concrete jungle city, parking problem exists not only for vehicle drivers in the city but also to major airlines companies. Due to the lesser space, parking becomes a big problem. Aircraft storage and parking are highly expensive. These expenses are huge add-ons on a list of expenditure for airlines companies. The duration to park the aircraft at lesser rates on long or short term basis depends on airlines companies and their necessity. Many aircraft operators require storing aircraft for more than one reason like seasonal and climatic fluctuation or specific market condition or leasing contract termination. The aircraft parking is permitted for a limited period as per the documented communication. The airline companies need to have written permission that they can park their aircraft for a specific period specifically allocated for aircraft parking.

The aircraft storage and aircraft parking is a concern of EASA Part-145 AMO that takes care of parking the airbus at all geographic locations. The inspection of aircraft is a big challenge for EASA Part-145 AMO. Apart from aircraft parking; it also takes charge of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft like other machines need to undergo regular maintenance procedure to keep the aircraft functional. The cost of aircraft maintenance is expensive though. Poor maintenance can lead to heavy risk and huge uncertainty. However, aircraft maintenance is quite a large course of action; one should adhere to it and undertake it at regular intervals. Aircraft maintenance is not rocket science. They’re just a few procedures and hierarchy that repairs team has to follow. To get maximum results on your aircraft maintenance, you can contact 737 services. Especially for aircraft with type 787 FMS requires extra super care. As per the norm, after every flight, the aircraft has to undergo an examination by the engineers of aircraft maintenance squad. Inspection and audit of engines follow a specific schedule. Work such as replacing tires, inspection plates, checking cylinder compression and washing windows, this all falls under aircraft maintenance. And of course, this service is also presented with fleet engineers with good quality.

Once the utility term of the aircraft expires, it is outsourced to the dispose department i.e. aircraft disposal. This is a big challenge for EASA Part-145 because it’s a lengthy process and it takes a whole lot of time. Aircraft Dispose team undertakes the decomposing of airbus. Most of the parts are burned while some aircraft parts are thrown at trash area. The aircraft is assembled in one area. Parts such as airframes and engine modular are recycled. It’s mandatory to dispose of the hazardous materials that are harmful to health and to also relocate some parts. EASA Part-145 AMO is located in most of the world which includes all the top airline’s companies that deals with aircraft maintenance disposal, storage and parking. EASA Part-145 AMO also provides service certification for parts and machinery that is removed from the aircraft subject to the severe criteria. It’s means once done with aircraft disposal, then the parts that can be recycled or used for any other purpose should taken out and outsourced to other companies and then finally have the aircraft disposed of completely.