6 Amazon Selling Tips Every Seller Need To Know

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Every day, a lot of people start selling products on Amazon. There are expected to be more than 500,000 individual sellers, of which Amazon declared 20,000 are earning more than $1 million.

Yes, $1m from Amazon only.

Therefore, whether you have been using it for some time or are a new Amazon seller, our selling tips for Amazon will likely help. Use the 6 tips listed in this article to optimize your plan to grow your Amazon business and make your Amazon product listings stand out from your competitors.


We all understand the big impact of images on buying decisions of customers and they play an important role in increasing progress on Amazon. Technically, the hook attracts people to your products. High-quality product images can break or make your conversions from search.

Potential buyers are looking for high-definition, clearly visible photos, so that is step one. If you want your photos and your product to stand out, however, you must have enough diversity.

For your main image, the product against a clear white background is required. To stand out, you will have to do more for the remaining image slots.

Optimize Product Descriptions For Searches

For a customer to purchase your stuff, they must find it first. Work to nail down your product page SEO and descriptions to be as informative and detailed as possible. This means that when somebody searches for a product you are offering, it will appear on top of their search results.

Play By The Rules

Yes, Amazon is very big and there are going to be some cases whenever something slips by. However, if you continuously skirt under the radar, Murphy’s Law dictates that ultimately, you are going to get arrested for the big one. It is just not worth it, as it might get you bad reviews, meager sales and also being booted off Amazon.

Keep Prices Flexible

For creating a cost for something, two ways are there: the price it will sell at and the one you want to sell it at. Sometimes, the two intersect, however it does not happen very commonly.

Make Customer Service Your Top Priority

Customer service can run a long way during online shopping. It is how you communicate with customers.

Customer service is essential for customer recognition and converting first-time buyers into permanent customers. Customers prefer to buy from sellers that they know will go beyond a mile to assure that their requirements are met.

When selling on Amazon, this involves answering customer questions, dealing quickly with disputes in an expert matter, and managing returns with ease. In short, always take the customers’ needs first.


It is no secret that a lot of work is required when running an eCommerce business. Different phases of the business lack different expertise you can’t find in a single person. Luckily, freelance marketplaces are overflowing with some great talents. You can hire experts online who have previous experience in assisting Amazon sellers in increasing their sales.