5 Reasons to Implement Elevator LED

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The weaknesses of traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs cause many businesses to prioritize LED smart lighting in elevators.

The traditional lighting bulbs cannot withstand frequent vibrations from high traffic. Besides, they consume high power from the commercial building utility systems.

With elevator LED, you provide safer lighting for your customers, improve control and customization. Additionally, you can save on energy and relieve yourself from the burden of having to replace the light bulbs regularly.

What is more? Read on to find out.

What You Should Know About Elevator LED

Light-emitting diodes are used in smart lighting systems due to their economic and ease of use. The smart bulbs join other devices in an internet of things setup. They are connected to other smart devices such as speakers, doorbells, alarms, thermostats, and smartphones.

The devices communicate through IP addresses when connected through an IoT platform. The platform gathers sufficient data to let the devices improve their artificial intelligence by continually learning from the information about their environment.

Since the devices can communicate amongst themselves, smart lights can control their behavior depending on your need. The communication can be automatic or remotely controlled.

Using such lighting system in elevators give rise to elevator LED. Elevator LED has a myriad of benefits as explained below.

  1. Resist Elevator Vibrations

One of the drawbacks of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs is that they find it difficult to handle the frequent elevator vibrations. The regular vibrations result from high traffic and interactions of the elevator’s moving parts.

This results in regular damage of the less durable traditional bulbs. Worse yet, the bulbs may burn out causing several injuries to the elevator users. 

The elevator LED can last 100, 000 hours under progressive use. This reflects in 11 years of non-stop application. On average, the smart lighting systems last two decades. The more exciting part is that they are some of the easiest to install and replace.

  1. Minimize the Huge Power Consumption from the Commercial Building Utility Systems

Before the initialization of LED lights, homesteads, businesses, and other corporate settings had to spend highly on electrical power consumption for elevators. The large power bills from commercial building utility systems, under the influence of lighting expenditure, discouraged many businesses from installing lifts. 

Elevator LEDs save energy, unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that waste 75 percent of their energy consumption to the environment. LED bulbs utilize 80 percent of their power consumption and may only lose 20 percent of their consumption.

They enable businesses to reduce operational costs. Reducing expenses is one of the gateways to propelling your business’ profit margins. 

  1. Meet the Health Standards

The stress on using environmental-friendly lighting systems has seen many businesses pay heavily for unsafe light bulbs and structures. Most traditional lighting systems emit harmful metals such as mercury and lead to the atmosphere.

The heavy metals pollute the air and soil, causing lung damage and nervous system failures in humans. LEDs do not produce mercury or lead and are recyclable, posing no harm to elevator users.

  1. You Are Under Control of the Lighting System

The IoT platform allows you remotely control your elevator’s lights. You can program the lights turning on/off times. This plays a major role in energy conservation.

  1. Express Your Art

LED smart lighting technology enables you to customize the elevator lights as per your needs. The lights use RGB (red-green-blue) coloring.

You can generate any color mix from the RGB combination. Apart from pioneering your elevator design, you can conduct dynamic dimming onsite. 


Elevator LEDs solve the drawbacks of traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They 

  • enable you to handle challenges of vibrations on lighting systems,
  • minimize power consumption,
  • meet required health standards,
  • be in control of the lighting system and
  • design your elevator’s appearance.

Now that you understand the reason behind using the lights, go ahead and invest in them. 

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