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Photographers are everywhere. Anyone could be a photographer, but not everyone is professional and reliable. You can buy a camera and install a photo editing software. However, a genuine photographer is passionate about their craft. If you’re looking for the best Photo studios near me and you, this article is your guide.

Search Using Google Map


We’re already in the era of technology where information can be access in just a click. The internet has a lot of data on our questions. But the thing is, how to use it efficiently? Don’t know how to use Google Maps? It’s so simple. All you need to locate your address using the map and then, search for photo studios near in your area.


Google Maps is a mapping service on the web. You can access this on your laptop, phones and other gadgets as long as you have an internet connection. Plus, this service offers aerial photography, street maps, and satellite imagery of your location. However, you can’t locate all photo studios on the map. Some data on the map is not updated. To look for more options, you can check the other tips below.

Ask for Sample Photos and Portfolio


Most photographers imprint watermarks on their photos for ownership. If you found a great photography online check for any watermarks, then search for the person behind that work. Always check sample works and portfolios before booking to avoid any fraudulent activity. Scammers are everywhere on the internet, so be vigilant.


Aside from security purposes, checking a photographer’s portfolio is also reviewing their skills. Much-edited photos are not pleasing. As much as possible, we want to appreciate the real photos of our infant, marriage, and other exceptional events. For photo coverage, candid shots are heartwarming.


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Read Client’s Feedbacks


Previous clients’ feedbacks are necessary. Why? It is because these people already have experience working on the photographer. You can read reviews on their social media accounts, websites and even online forums. Check if they’re professional to work with. Are they passionate and easy to communicate? You need to consider these questions.

Ask Recommendation from Friends


If your friend already has newborn photoshoots for their little one, ask for recommendations. You can also ask who’s their photographer, and how is it working with him or her? Plus, you can also ask about their experience, so you have an idea of what to expect. Recommendations are reliable because they’re from the trusted people you know. They will surely recommend the best expert they know because their names are at stake.

Personal Background Check Is Necessary


This tip might take time, but it’s worth it. Ask or read about your photographer’s background. Are they already parents? Where do they live? Are their Photo studios near me? Do they have their studio? A personal background check will determine how they work. If you opt for a newborn photo shoot, look for a parent because they understand the struggle of having a newborn. Also, look for someone who owns a studio. Photo studios are spacious.


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