Which tax or laws do you need to know before trading in Germany

Truman Slate

Both German and European legislators influence the legal standards that are important for e-commerce. What can traders expect from a legal point of view in 2021?

The first major innovation came to retailers on January 1: since then, the well-known VAT rates of 19 and 7% have been in force again. Therefore, companies should ensure that they are correctly identified. If you want to be up to date with the news about trading in Germany, on the Finance app you will find out everything that is new in this industry.

What online merchants need to know

In online commerce (e-commerce), the same legal rules apply to retail. However, there are specific laws for online trading that must be followed. If online retailers are unfamiliar with these regulations, you run the risk of being warned. Therefore, online retailers should know what special legal provisions need to be followed.

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