Manufacturing employment nearly half of what it was five years ago

Lincoln Wylie

With the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic battering India at current, the Indian financial outlook appears bleak for the 2nd 12 months in a row. In 2020-21, India’s authentic GDP development is approximated to be minus eight for every cent. This would also place force on India’s employment figures. In previous bulletins, we have analysed the impression of Covid-19 pandemic on employment, particular person and domestic incomes and expenses in 2020.

In this CEDA-CMIE Bulletin, we check out to just take a lengthier-term view of sector-clever employment in India. We base this on CMIE’s regular monthly time-series of employment by market going back to the 12 months 2016. For this bulletin, we have targeted on 7 sectors – agriculture, mines, production, authentic estate and design, monetary companies, non-monetary companies, and general public administrative companies. These sectors make up for 99 for every cent of full employment in the state.

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