Pandemic accelerates growth in online MBAs

Lincoln Wylie

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, some management professors and MBA heads feared that online education would cannibalise the traditional business school experience of campus lectures and study groups. What the past year has shown is not only that everyone can teach digitally, but that the two forms of higher education — digital and campus-taught — can coexist.

Online MBA programmes have also found a new and potentially much larger audience of people for whom digital is the only way they want to develop their management and business skills.

Much has been made by school admissions teams of the rebound in demand for campus-based MBA programmes. Applications for the one-year version of such courses rose 11.6 per cent last year, according to the 2020 annual survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council. In the previous four years, most business schools surveyed by GMAC reported falling applications. Yet last year’s upswing was far

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