HIMSSCast: Leveraging care networks toward humanizing healthcare

Truman Slate

Podcast guest Dr. Summertime Knight

In her new e book, Humanizing Health care, out April 6th, Dr. Summertime Knight leverages her encounters as a physician, an entrepreneur, a patient and a mother of a son with most cancers to existing a paradigm for how health care can modify – how it can be a better encounter for health care consumers and find better price discounts and results alongside the way.

Dr. Knight joins host Jonah Comstock to explore some of the crucial suggestions in the forthcoming e book.

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Chatting details

  • Dr. Summertime Knight’s story and why she wrote Humanizing Health care.
  • Humanizing Health care as a North Star for reforming all the areas of health care.
  • The 3 +one crucial motorists of health care transformation.
  • Why
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