CSE ‘sting’: Most honey brands ‘adulterated with sugar syrup’

Lincoln Wylie

This is, at minimum, what the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) claims its investigation has observed. According to the ‘sting’ report, sugar syrup adulteration of honey is rampant in most main and lesser-acknowledged manufacturers.

Sharing the results with media, CSE Director-Basic Sunita Narain reported the investigation observed that the honey offered by 10 out of thirteen manufacturers in Indian marketplaces are adulterated with sugar syrup. A full 22 samples of the thirteen manufacturers were taken for the research.


Nonetheless, main honey manufacturers dismissed the demand, alleging the report is “motivated” and “a plot to defame the Indian natural honey industry”.

Apparently, two several years back, a research by Client Voice, which analyzed 10 top rated honey manufacturers, as well observed that all of them endured from purity and authenticity problems.

The modus operandi

CSE’s investigations also observed how modified sugar syrup was being clandestinely imported into India from China,

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