Exporters lift leaf tea prices at Kochi auctions

Truman Slate

Active participation of exporters has lifted price ranges of leaf teas at the Kochi auctions this week. The industry for pick out best Nilgiri complete-leaf and brokens was organization to dearer in sale no 26. The quantity provided was 3,41,916 kg and exporters to CIS countries and other locations were being lively.

CTC leaf income witnessed solid desire with ninety eight for every cent bought out of the provided quantity of 73,000 kg. The industry for best and medium brokens was irregular and at times lower, whilst Fannings were being dearer. There was lively participation of upcountry consumers.

Even so, the average price tag realisation was lower, at₹138, as opposed to the preceding week, reported auctioneers Forbes, Ewarrt & Figgis.

The average price tag realisation in CTC dust grades was increased at ₹106 towards ₹103 in the preceding week, as grainier dust grades such as PD & RD witnessed solid

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